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100% leather.

Our first biker boot, and isn't Harley cute!

Being professional wrigglers, little ones are fantastic at losing their pre-walkers. Lapito hopes to cover every parents' need: 

  • Shoes are soft and flexible as infants' feet are not yet fully formed so it is important to use soft sole shoes to support and allow their feet to grow. 

  • They are handmade using leather and neoprene for that extra stretch through the back.

  • The inside zip enables you to open the boot and for an easy fit.

  • The heel tab helps you pull the shoe onto the foot, with a soft padded sole and top edge for extra support protection. 

Lapito has created its very own sizing chart to can help you select the correct size. 

Please keep in mind, this style is not suitable for the cute chubby ankle babes. It is a narrow fit.


Size Chart

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