'Mini Green Gingham' High Waisted Skirt

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The ‘Clay’ 100% Linen High Waisted Skirt is just the sweetest! It features a gorgeous elastic paper bag waist, with a functional tie. Designed to sit just on the knee, this skirt looks gorgeous with any of our linen or jersey tops. It is made from premium thick linen.

SIZE GUIDE: This skirt is true to size, but if you do want more length, we recommend sizing up. Available in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 (Size 4 is 4-5 years. Size 6 is 6-7 years. Size 8 is 8-9 years.)

COLOUR GUIDE: This colour is a beautiful burgundy/wine brown.

FABRIC GUIDE: Linen is very strong and durable (twice as strong as cotton) and has amazing breathability. It also dries more quickly than cotton. As a natural fibre, it may have inconsistencies in the weave - these are not flaws but add to the character and natural 'rawness' of linen. Sometimes linen is 'stiff' when first experienced - however it is designed to become softer and softer during wash and wear.  

Please note, hand washing is recommended as special garments warrant special care!

For sizes you don't see listed, or an urgent deadline, email helloddapparel.net.

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